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GUARANTEED SUCCESS With the new Power Jelq Plus You may have tried other methods and only achieved limited success. The amazing thing is that with the Power Jelq Plua (marketed as Power J Gym in the UK

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GUARANTEED SUCCESS  With the new Power Jelq Plus
You may have tried other methods and only achieved limited success. The amazing thing is that with the Power Jelq Plua (marketed as Power J Gym in the UK)  you will experience an immediate improvement in your penis size and by following the recommended routine you can achieve significant gains in penis size.
Whether you would like an extra 1cm,
An extra half an inch,
An extra 3cm
An extra two inches
Added length and girth that is hard to believe can be achieved easy, safely, and quickly by following the recommended routine that we will send to you  exclusively available from us.
Just use the Power J Gym every day as directed until you reach the size you desire.


Previous versions of the Jelq Device have required you to use it under a running shower or using an oil based lubricant. That is no longer necessary with the Power Jelq Plus. Its the cadillac of penis enlargers! Devices such as pumps or stretching devices simply fall by the wayside in comparison with the new Power Jelq Plus.
The reason why is the perfect combination of solid memory-foam rollers, soft easy-adjust ergonomically designed handles, and easy-adjust traction control. Together with the instruction manual we provide you will be able to master the use of this device and achieve the results you desire with maximum comfort and in minimal time.
We are all very busy these days and we do not spend enough time on ourselves as it is. Many penis enlargement routines require 45 minutes or more per day however with the Power Jelq Plus all it requires is a few minutes per day depending on your individual response and level of training all of which will be explained in the manual.
Also you will find the build of the device is of an extremely high quality and the materials used are superb.
With penis pumps or weights there are risks involved and not all pills are effective but with the Power Jelq Plus results are virtually guaranteed. Everyone who has tried it so far has experienced excellent results very quickly and would recommend it to friends.
You must follow our program in order to avoid any injury and ensure proper use of the Power Jelq Plus. We have written the training manual ourselves based on our own testing of the new penis jelqing tool and are pleased to share with you the benefits.
Please do not exercise for longer than we recommend in the instruction manual until you build up natural resistance. Regular exercise with the Power Jelq Plus can improve erectile strength and enlarge penis size in both the flaccid and erect states.
The increases in penis size suggested are in no way typical and individual results can vary. Please do not purchase this product if you would not like to experience permenent and lasting increases in penis length and girth. This device is not evaluated by any government body and is not intended to diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

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