SAKURAI Speculum Specula size XO overview


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Quick Overview:

Extreme sized speculum for anal stretching or vaginal stretching Spreads slowly yet firmly for a good, satisfying gape Fully adjustable with two threaded screws for precision positioning Give the gift of gape with this huge speculum

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Product Description

This is a unique speculum with XO size overview. The material is Medical grade stainless steel very stable design unlike many other sellers offering the same speculum in market with chrome plated brass our one is made up with stainless steel which is easy to clean and use. This speculum is also suitable for use in Gynaecological practices. Please note that this is a hygienic product, which can be returned only in unopened packaging.

Inner Diameter                                            Max Diameter 9.4cm (3.7 inches)
Insertable Length                                       10cm (4 inches)
Width                                                            Max insertable width: 6.4cm (2.52 inches)
Adjustable                                                   Yes
Does Not Include                                        Latex, phthalates
Washing Instructions                                 Boil to sanitise, autoclave
Material                                                       Medical Grade Stainless Steel

Customer reviews

This thing is awesome, it gets very big and allows for maximum gape. It can sometimes feel like it's cutting you but if you take it easy it feels nice.

Posted By: Stan

Posted on: Feb 12, 2019

Would recommend this to everyone that likes a big gape, as this thing does it perfectly. However, if you cannot take a fist easily, do not buy this (yet)! This speculum is pretty much the largest you can get on the market. Personally, I like to go wide and deep. This helps me do so perfectly. I would definitely recommend warming up with a wide toy first, then shoving this right in your ass while you are still loose, opening the paddles and spreading immediately. Afterwards, the choice is yours! I love the combination of this and my Slink (I have a large and it fits snug, don't know about XL). As someone who enjoys solo play, operating this is a little difficult (two hands are required). I would recommend first pushing all the way down on the lever and screwing it tight, then turning the knob on the bottom and widening up. This product does NOT work well with messy lubes such as j-lube. But something like elbow grease or a water based lube should be just fine. If you like what you see in those anal porn videos - specifically hotkinkyjo - this is a must buy! Note: when I first used this, it felt like it was cutting my asshole... But there was no injury/ blood (the lube wasn't even slightly pink) and the next day I was perfectly fine. I must have not warmed up enough.

Posted By: Ronny

Posted on: Jan 04, 2019

If you are into anal play, especially stretching / gaping then this is the product to get. I had been wanting one for years and it wasn't until I saw it on VVI Medical that I decided to make the purchase. The pictures of the speculum are spot on and you will receive this top quality item in days. The speculum is about the perfect size for users who are used to anal play and stretching. The sizing info on the product is correct and you can see that this is a top quality item. It looks just as amazing as it feels! I bought the speculum to use on myself for anal stretching and gaping. It is quite tricky to use by yourself and takes a bit of getting used to (but thats half the fun) but once you have found a comfortable way of inserting it you can quite easily use it. I use the speculum to give myself maximum gape, then with a good glob of lube I slide a double ended dildo inside then deep inside me. If this is what turns you on, then this speculum won't disappoint. I would recommend to use some kind of anal lube with relaxant with the speculum and probably use one of your favourite larger toys to get 'warmed up' before reaching for the speculum.

Posted By: Rob Doll

Posted on: Nov 26, 2018
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