Sims Anal Speculum

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Quick Overview:

Sims Anal Speculum is ideal for investigating the lower rectum and anus. The instrument features two hinged fenestrated blades that can be opened by spring handles. A screw mechanism can then be used to lock the blades at the open position once in the rectum.

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Product Description

This Stainless steel speculum can be used anally to perform self examinations - something you may need to do after surgery for things like anal fissures. It makes it comfortable, quick and simple to check your prostate and monitor your health. The speculum can also be used to make anal douching easier by allowing you to gently widen the anal cavity for easier access.

This speculum is also suitable for vaginal use if you are suffering from vaginal dystrophy or vaginismus. By using a small speculum like this one you can be gentle on your body and perform self exams and stretching exercises without feeling uncomfortable.

As it is made of body friendly stainless steel, the speculum can be sterilised in an autoclave or boiled on the stove.

Customer reviews

My husband really enjoys anal sex, but I find it quite painful. Using this helps dilate me and reduce the pain, as well as letting my husband check that I'm clean inside before he penetrates me. This gives me a big confidence boost and I can relax knowing that I'm not going to make a mess. I really don't know how I had anal sex before!

Posted By: Jerry

Posted on: Apr 04, 2019
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